About us:


   Ferray is a gemstone provider based in London, UK.   The gemstones offered by the firm are obtained from the source ensuring the veracity of them.  Also the firm works alongside gemmological laboratories in order to clarify any doubt that could exist in any of the offered items.


   We  believe  that   value,  size,  quality  and  richness  of  a  gemstone  are  always better appreciated  when  it  is  seen personally; therefore we offer a personal approach in order to arrange  meetings,  listen  the   needs  of  our clients or simply show part of our selection to ensure the satisfaction of our clients when investing in our gems


   Even is you are not  after anything specific, we invite you to contact us and have look at we can offer


   We are looking forward to work alongside you. . .

+44 (0) 7882 989 930

3rd Floor

207 Regent Street



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